City Living With Bonnie

Bonnie is a PROUD Torontonian and wants to share that love with others. She grew up benefiting from its diversity, its varied neighbourhoods, and all the arts, entertainment and culture options available to her and her family. As a realtor, Bonnie prides herself on her ability to build strong relationships with clients and industry contacts from all walks of life. She derives professional satisfaction in helping her clients achieve their personal and financial goals in real estate.
The thrill of finding the perfect gem of a property, transforming a house before listing it for sale, or negotiating a truly great deal for her clients never gets old. For Bonnie, nothing is better than knowing that her clients feel valued and that they received a bespoke service experience.

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Bonnie & David

David has worked alongside his brothers and his father since the beginning of his real estate
career, and wouldn’t have had it any other way. He and his brother Paolo still work very closely
together within the country market, so adding his urban-dwelling sister Bonnie to the mix only
made Visentin Real Estate even stronger. As siblings, David, Paolo, and Bonnie know they can
trust each other implicitly and work seamlessly for their clients. Some of their most satisfying
real estate experiences involve helping buyers and sellers make the transition from city to
country, or vice versa! Their versatility, broad knowledge base, and their ability to work together
as a team is unmatched.