Is Country Living For You?

Is Country Living For You?

I spent the first half of my life in Toronto, and while I still regularly enjoy all the benefits of city life, it’s my time spent working in the country that has brought me some much-needed calmness and peace. After over three decades of selling real estate in both markets, I’ve come to really appreciate the unique qualities of country living – whether it’s the rolling hills of Caledon, the tranquillity of Mulmur, the charm of Mono, or the easygoing vibe of Simcoe.

Here are my top reasons for you to consider buying a home or a recreational property outside of the city:


Beautiful landscapes and trails are right on your doorstep! Enjoy relaxing walks over hillsides, by streams, and through forests, actually taking the time to appreciate the simple pleasures of life. Country living is a breath of fresh air, a respite from the hectic pace of city life, and a place to reconnect with nature.


In the calmness of the countryside, stress levels tend to balance themselves out. The slower pace even allows for moments of greater introspection and clarity. Country living also tends to promote an active lifestyle, filled with activities like trail hiking and long-distance cycling along winding roads. A country environment makes outdoor pursuits easily accessible, allowing you to integrate them into your daily routine. As someone who enjoys swimming, I personally find properties with private lakes and ponds really appealing for this very reason. Having your own private ‘swimming hole’ is a novelty that you can only have with country living!


While I acknowledge that living outside of the city may come with its own set of challenges, such as the lack of some 24/7 conveniences, I have found that a tight-knit community spirit more than makes up for it. The bond between country and small town neighbours often goes beyond mere acquaintances, and it’s based on mutual support, a genuine willingness to help, and enthusiastic engagement in year-round community activities. Country living also offers the perfect setting for children to grow, thrive, and develop in a safe and healthy environment.

It’s Empowering

Yes, I said empowering! There is something primal about owning your own piece of land in the country that can bring a profound sense of security and legacy. You can design a life where you grow some of your own food, keep some farm animals (or rescue dogs!), or even create a family compound that can be enjoyed for generations. Just having your own breathing space is very liberating, and it’s a lifestyle definitely worth exploring.

Maximize Your Budget

One of the real benefits of country living is the potential to make your home buying budget stretch further. You can often find properties with larger houses and more land for a fraction of the cost of a comparable property in the city. It’s not just extra square footage (and acreage!), it’s an opportunity to allocate more of your monthly budget to retirement savings, travel, or other pursuits.

Not quite prepared to say goodbye to the city just yet? As a born and bred Torontonian, I completely understand. But, if you have been secretly dreaming of a quiet getaway outside of the busy GTA, country homes and properties can offer an idyllic escape. And isn’t the opportunity to get back to what really matters in a beautiful and natural setting really appealing?

Still not convinced? Let’s talk about it together!

Visentin Real Estate is eager to help you make your next move. With over 25 years of experience in both country and city real estate markets, we have both the knowledge and the expertise to facilitate a part-time or full-time transition to your new lifestyle outside of the GTA.

From vacant farmland to all types of country and cottage properties, we have invaluable insights into the local communities, riparian water rights, and the zoning and environmental regulations that we often navigate as part of the transaction. We pride ourselves on being accessible, knowledgeable, and locally connected. We will find the ideal property for you, and we will be with you every step of the way.

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