Would You Buy a Ski Chalet?

Over the years I have helped many clients find their ideal ski property, often achieving a long-held lifestyle goal for them and their families. The Visentin Real Estate Team not only works in Toronto, but is also focused on the areas surrounding Hockley Valley Resort and Mansfield Ski Club in Ontario, Canada, but the same considerations are almost universal for this type of recreational property.

Call it a ski house, a ski lodge, or a ski chalet – this type of real estate investment is often a family lifestyle choice that avid skiers dream about for years.

Dream a Little

What does life at your ski chalet look like to you? Do you envision cozy evenings and game nights with friends and family in front of a roaring fireplace? Warming up and relaxing in a hot tub after a long day on the slopes? Enjoying your morning coffee overlooking stunning mountain view? Dream a little before starting your search in earnest.

Location Matters

Are you interested in a more remote self-contained recreational property, or must it be located near restaurants, bars, shopping, and day spas to fully enjoy your après-ski time? Is your ski chalet within driving distance of your primary residence, or are you interested in a destination vacation property? In either scenario, you should consider hiring a local cleaning service or property management company to visit your ski house on a regular basis, when not in use.

Storage is Everything

Skiing is an activity that involves a lot of gear and equipment, so adequate storage space needs to be a priority in any ski house. A dedicated area or mudroom with benches and cubbies for everyone’s outerwear to dry out thoroughly in preparation for the next day’s run is essential. Multi-function rooms with bunk beds or sofa beds are also key for added flexibility, especially when hosting larger groups of kids and adults.

Practical Considerations

Will you finance your ski chalet through a home equity line of credit, or take out a new mortgage? Have you also allocated some of your total budget to furnish and outfit your new property? A seasonal contract for snow removal and specialized insurance coverage will most likely be required as well.

Final Thoughts

My best initial advice is to speak to your family and friends who will be using the property the most to come to some general consensus on your search criteria. In terms of your budget, is a ski chalet with ensuite bedrooms more important to everyone than close proximity to the ski hill? Although primarily used in the winter months, your ski chalet can also be utilized as an all-season recreational getaway – so you might want to consider marketing your property as an occasional short-term rental option, to offset annual operating expenses and any unexpected costs.


Hope to see you on the slopes!

David Visentin – Sales Representative

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